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OUR mantra

According to the English-Slang Dictionaries "Rad" means,

"Excellent", "Awesome" or "Exceptional".
Hence, our mantra can be simply understood as to create,

an Amazing Patent, Prototype or Product.

Note: For a more Intellectual understanding kindly read the specifications & significance of RAD, as provided below.

         Research, which if done thoroughly, can save a lot of Resources.


Research includes learning all available useful Information/Data, regarding the Case/Project, to gain expert level Basic Knowledge in the Domain under question. Information/Data can include Patent Research (Patents Technical/Legal Information/Specifications), Scientific Journals (Non-Patent Literature), Market Research (Market Survey, Product Research, Product Specifications), Conference Publications, News Articles, Government Laws & Policies, Engineering Standards, Industry Standards, Safety Regulations, PhD. Thesis, Research Papers, Experimental Data, Prototype Specifications, etc. Additionally Research also includes but not limited to:

>Complete Product-Scope, Market-Scope, Patents/Designs, Competitors vis-à-vis Jurisdiction Intelligence, regarding the Product Line.

>Product Line Data - includes each single component, assembly processes, manufacturing processes, raw material costs, fabrication costs and materials used.

>Product & Market Scope - includes gaining market perspective, in order to strategize for the particular niche market/customer where the product is intended to be sold.

         Analysis & Awareness, which if done with precision, can protect a lot of Resources.


Analysis includes quantifying, all the Information/Data collected during Research into actionable-Intelligence. This can be done, by means of Electronic Documents explaining the Understanding, Technical/Para-Legal Advice, Solutions, etc., with the help of Graphical Representation or Quoting Excerpts Collected as part of the Relevant Information, from our Research. The two major types of Analysis being:

> Patent Analysis - Includes meeting, discussing & understanding Clients/Inventors, regarding their needs and provide Patent/Design related consultation, including services like Patent Searching (Idea-Search, State-Of The-Art, Patentability, Novelty, Invalidity/Validity, Freedom-to-Operate Searches), Patent/Product-Infringement Analysis, Market Analysis, Patent Landscape Analysis, Patent Prosecution Assistance, White-Space Identification, etc.


> Design Analysis - Includes investigation of mainly Structural/Material Analysis of components under various conditions, for which various CAD software’s are employed, in order to be able to implement analysis methods such as FEA, DFMEA, Stress-Strain, Fluid/Heat Flow, Coupled-Field, as well as conduct a Technical Product/Market based Analysis like Raw Material Logistics Assessment, etc. Further, practice many R&D and Design methodologies, like Kaizen and Optimum Plant Management techniques to help improve Manufacturer’s current efficiency, or by assisting various R&D facilities in doing so, located within India and abroad.


Awareness includes observing & strategizing in Real-Time, within the Domain of Interest, as per the requirement of our Clients/Inventors/Manufacturers/Investors.

         Design, Draft & Development, which if done creatively, can create a lot of new Resources.


Design includes producing Designs, which are up to Industry Standards and adheres to the Legal safety requirements for the particular Domain, as may be provided by the individual Governments of various Countries, where we intend to market the Product, while minimizing Plagiarism. Further, Design/Invent/Innovate/Replicate each individual component of a given Product/Prototype by following Six-Sigma Methodology for Product Design, in order to reduce time & cost required for producing the Product by Optimizing using principles of Kaizen to obtain the Designs, identifying Materials, planning Processes, as well as ensuring ease of Product Assembly & Serviceability. Design Methodologies such as DFMEA (Design Failure-Mode Effect & Analysis) & FEA (Finite Elemental Analysis) will be practiced on individual component designs, in order to ensure safety & longevity of the Product to satisfy the particular Market requirements. Further on, Idea-Broadening Services, Design-Around Services, Design Optimization, Material Optimization, Manufacturing Plant - Design & Deployment Assistance, etc. are included in this step.

Draft includes Drafting a Patent Application, which is fit for filing in any Jurisdiction (Country), adhering to their Patent Laws & Related Rules/Policies. Further, Design Expansion & Claim Broadening processes are practiced in order to maximize the boundary of the Invention/Idea for the Patent Application being filed, as well as ensure Patent Application Specifications/Illustrations are accurate and precise, to be able to get a Patent Grant, as smoothly as possible.


Development includes identification of Supply Chains & Logistics for Producing the Product, by conducting a SWOT Analysis. Further, based on the already obtained Data, strategize the variants of the Product, if required. Further on, Communicating & Complying with Individual Vendors/Fabricators, including visiting individual facilities if necessary, in order to ensure proper processes are followed during Manufacture of the individual Components. Additionally, making sure the BOM (Bill of Materials) for the Product & Prototype are fulfilled and all the variants of the individual components are up to expectations and Designs.

          Patents, Prototypes & Products, are the types of Resources we help establish.


Obtain a Patent, Prototype and/or Product for our Clients/Inventors/Investors/Manufacturers, which conforms & functions exactly as per their Expectations/Designs in its Maximum-Scope.

Our Best In-Class,
Patent, Technology and Design Solutions,
are provided for :


This is done by either creating Designs from scratch or replicate from competitors while ensuring Freedom-to-Operate, or by improving/optimizing the current Product Design, Manufacturing Process, Logistics, Material Research, Manufacturing Plant Layout/Management, in order to make it more energy, cost, quality and/or operationally efficient. Further, Design-Around Services are also provided.

Investors (Spl. Technical Know-How Assistance)

We want to bring as many advanced technical innovations as possible to the market, so we assist prospective Investors by providing them complete Technical Data and Specifications, by conducting Patent Landscape Studies, White Space-Analysis, Market-Based Studies, Product-Based Studies, etc., in order for them to confidently manufacture Products, purchase Patent licenses and Patent Rights, in any technically challenging domain or otherwise, while being completely aware & informed about the nitty-gritties of that domain.

Inventors, University, Research Firm

By helping them, polish their Ideas into Patentable form by conducting a State-of-the-Art Search, which helps establish the Idea as an Innovation, further conduct Novelty/Patentability Search Analysis for the Innovation and additionally assist them in Patent Specification Drafting, Invention Illustrations, Patent Filing Guidance, Responding to Patent Office Response during Patent Examination process, to finally obtain a Granted Patent Invention. 

By helping them in Prototype Fabrication, Proof-of-Concept, Business Plan Strategies, etc.


Legal Personnel

We provide high quality Technical Search/Analysis Services, like Validity Search, Invalidity Search, Patent Infringement Analysis, Freedom-To-Operate Analysis, etc. for all Domains. Our Reports include Graphical Analysis such as Claim-Mapping and Visual Comparison Techniques.

Please Note:

Never share or discuss your ideas or plans with any individual, firm or any entity, without first signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement with them, for the safety & protection of your intellectual assets.

Projects Completed







Please Note:

Very high Confidentiality & Privilege are maintained during all times, while working on Projects and/or Reports. 

Further, all information is disseminated on a need-to-know basis to individual experts in our team, with extreme prejudice and caution.

Exploring the Future of Sapiens

Imagine a world where your monetary assistance can impact the lives of many individuals. At bKsay Works, we provide people and organizations of all backgrounds a chance to reach their potential through our wide range of grants, scholarships, technical assistance, analytics, IPR support, etc. We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in our rewarding Research Foundation today.

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We Believe

At BKSAY WORKS Pvt. Ltd., we believe that the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem. We have dedicated our lives to working with these communities — providing whatever support they need in order to unlock their potential. We want all individuals to envision their goals and realize they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.



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